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Sending SMS via email

Sending SMS via email

This guide will help you send SMS messages to customers/patients/clients.  You must be authorized to send. Please contact the help desk if these instructions do not result in a SMS message being sent.


User Guide

Usage of the SMS to email & email to SMS is based on approval only.  You must be approved to send/receive before following these instructions.  Please contact if you want to be authorized.


To send a SMS message from your outlook email program to a cell phone, please enter in the following.  You basically add to the cell number and it turns into a text message:

To: [CELL-NUMBER] Example (
Subject: (enter something)
BODY:  Message to send to the cell via SMS



To receive, just have the person send a SMS (no images) to the activated # and this will be sent to the associated email address.  You will be able to click reply to the email to have a reply sent thru the SMS system.

This message will appear in your email with SMS- XXX-XXX-XXXX (so you know it is an SMS message)

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