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Business Applications – Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions

Private Cloud Solutions

Cloud Choice manages and delivers private cloud solutions like Quickbooks Desktop – in a private cloud server.  Access it anywhere – get the power of the desktop product and the freedom to work wherever you need to.  Have more than one person who needs access, no problem.  We know how to do multi-user too!

Active Directory, File and Print Servers

Business continuity is critical with Ransomware, disasters and other operational issues that arise.  Need to know your core IT servers are protected in the cloud?  We have many vlans in our data center to keep clients segmented while allowing for full VPN access to the data.  The result – you have a mirror of your business “in the cloud” and ready for whatever comes.


Custom VPN solutions

VPNs are used in many ways.  We can work with you to determine if and how a private VPN can benefit your business model – especially with a large work-from-home / remote workforce.  We have the vision and capability to put your business in the cloud – because we are Cloud Choice.

Dedicated Private Servers

Every business has unique ways to approach the market.  These require dedicated private servers that are managed, supported and patched just like ones in your office.  Whether you want to use our Private Cloud, AWS, Azure, LiquidWeb, Vultr or any other service – we know how to deploy, manage and support these systems.