Retail & Commercial

Keeping the lights on and foot traffic high is critical to every small business

The retail industry relies on the Internet and computers to place orders, handle inventory and transact sales.

Small businesses cannot afford a day, much less an hour, of downtime.  When sales stop, so does cash flow.  Ensuring that your technology infrastructure is reliable and resists failure is critical to every business.  

In retail storefronts or "efronts", seconds mean lost customers, lost sales, lost cash flow.

When Cloud Choice Technology systems work as designed, retailers are able to keep the POS system transacting sales and satisfy customers quickly and easily.  We specializes in providing technology support services to retailers and commercial establishments in the south Florida region. We take this responsibility seriously and work hard to ensure our retail customers have the right technology services.  Looking for a guarantee that your computers will be ready to work when your doors open? We deliver.

We provide a fixed cost, IT service with service level guarantees that are designed to keep you running, and your team delivering on deals.  We use the latest technology and the brightest minds to ensure your team is ready - 24x7x365.  




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