Cloud Applications

Your office needs to work efficiently.  When systems don't work, applications are failing or your servers are congested - productivity suffers.  

Starting with an assessment-led approach, our technology experts design holistic solutions that give you the tools, apps, and agility you need to drive business outcomes. Our deep expertise in project management provides a seamless implementation, establishing a central hub for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sourcing and identity management. Our community of support consultants provides IT mentorship and optimizes the efficiency of your cloud services.

And all of this is HIPAA compliant to make your auditors happy.


Cloud Choice brings a unique set of services Cloud Choice Office brings you peace of mind, powerful features and a support team that is second to none.  Here are some of the features of our Cloud Choice Office product:





Virtualized Desktop

Learn how we can put your business in the cloud - giving you access to your desktop from virtually anywhere.  No need to VPN into the office network.  No mess RDP or other remote control software.

Our Virtualized Windows Desktop provides a copy of Microsoft Office as well.  You will have all of the tools necessary to be productive on day one.







Enterprise class Email w/ group calendaring

Ever wish you could check the calendar of a co-worker or your team?  Now you can with Cloud Choice's affordable Exchange-like Groupware system.  At only $2.50 per user, our system exceeds the standard "IMAP" email giving you comprehensive Email, Group Calendar with Free/Busy support, shared contacts and many more features.  When you link up your smartphone and tablet, it gets even better!  You will have one view of everything that is going on!  

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Help Desk - 24x7 if needed

Who do you call when Excel isn't working?  Or when you have a Virus?  Cloud Choice's expert help desk is ready to solve your most complex issues quickly and easily.  We have over 100 certified and trained experts in all common Microsoft applications and we help customers on unique products too.  Of course, our experts can reset passwords, update virus definitions and a ton of other services you might need.  From the simple to the complex, our Help Desk removes the frustration part of computers!

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Backup & Restore

Your data is the heart of your business.  You can't remember every detail, every commitment, every delivery.  You computers do.  But what happens when your computer isn't working like it should.  The Hard Drive crashes, the laptop is stolen or the system is damaged in a hurricane, tornado or a different local disaster - what then?

Our business grade backup & restore not only backs up multiple copies of your documents but we also provide the ability to run that server or desktop backup "in the cloud" if the computer is stolen or unavailable.  It can really save the day - or save the business.

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